Heathwood Homes - The Beat Goes On!

In June 2002, Hugh Heron and Heathwood Homes lost a dear partner and friend. Michael Hart Salem, a kind and caring man, was on the first hole of a golf course in the beautiful Muskokas. He wasn't alone; he was there with his friends and partners, 8 of them all together. He hit his first shot, drove to his second, walked from the golf cart - and then his heart skipped a beat. He died suddenly. There was nothing anyone could do.

We hope and pray that The Beat Goes On and on all by itself, but there are only three to five minutes to get a stopped heart going before irreversible damage is done - hardly time to get to a hospital or even call for paramedics.

Fortunately, in today's amazing world of medicine and electronics there are devices that with the proper training can offer the comfort of a second chance at life. They are called defibrillators - hard to say and spell, but with little or even no training they are easy to use and virtually failsafe.

An automated external defibrillator (AED) may have saved our Mike - we just don't know. We do know that AED's are the only definitive treatment for sudden cardiac arrest available to our community - and they work! Survival rates can be increased by up to 50%. Heathwood is determined to help place these lifesaving devices in as many high-risk public places as possible. In Mike's honour, we will call the AED's Heathwood places "Mikeys."

With the entire company's support, Heathwood can make a direct difference in our community. We challenge other companies and corporations to do the same - join Heathwood and others in the Mikey Network Fund and help ensure The Beat Goes On!

Call 1-87-SAFE CITY (1-877-233-2489) or visit www.mikeynetwork.com for information on making a difference by donating to the Mikey Network Fund!

Here at Heathwood we're excited that we can make something good come of the tragic passing of our Mike Salem. By working together, we can offer both help and hope to people suffering sudden cardiac arrest. Please join us as part of the Mikey team - it really is a matter of life or death.

Visit: www.mikeynetwork.com today for information and to make a donation!
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