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For more information on the Toronto EMS Cardiac Safe City program, please contact;

Toronto EMS 1-87-SAFECITY or (416) 338-0475 or (416) 392-2000

For more information on Toronto EMS:

For more information on Toronto EMS First Aid & CPR training programs:

PAD Provider Links

For access to PAD Provider 90 Day refresher materials and activities:

To review the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundations heart attack warning signs - click here.

To review the American Heart Associations Chain of Survival ­ click here.

Remember to log and report all refresher activities with your PAD Site Coordinator. To maintain PAD Provider status, at least 1 refresher activity must be completed every 90 days. Activities may involve active participation through the Web (AED Challenge) or simple review of AED related stories, statistics or articles.

For questions regarding PAD 90 Day Refresher activities and requirements contact your Site Coordinator or the Toronto EMS Cardiac Safe City Program at 416-338-0475.

AEDs and Public Access Defibrillation

For more general information about and public access defibrillation:

Visit The National Center for Early Defibrillation ­ click here.

(Toronto EMS endorses the concept of Public Access Defibrillation only. Toronto EMS does not promote the use of any one particular AED over others).

To visit Medtronic ­ click here.

To visit Philips Medical ­ click here.

To visit Zoll Medical ­ click here.

To visit Cardiac Science ­ click here.

To visit Defibtech ­ click here.

Learn more about S.C.A.P.P.

Visit the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Partnership (S.C.A.P.P.) members to learn more about PAD Programs currently active in GTA communities:

For more information on the York Region Heart Alive Program ­ click here

For more information on Durham Region's Cardiac Safe Community Program ­ click here.

For information on Public Access Defibrillation in Halton Region ­ click here.

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